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About Fog Drop Ferments

Fog Drop Ferments is a small business owned and operated by the Geselbracht family in Oakland, CA producing small-batch fermented kombucha. We are currently in the scale-up portion of developing this business and we welcome you to join us in our journey.

We are developing this business as a local-foods venture, where we source as many of our raw materials as possible from local growers by way of farmers' markets, etc., and our offerings are tailored to seasonal fruits and botanicals. We are committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of our operation, and all of the energy used in the production process is solar-powered.

Jim Geselbracht is a Civil Engineer and spent much of his career designing water and wastewater treatment systems, especially biological treatment systems, which rely on micro-organisms to convert waste products and raw food sources into clean, purified water. Brewing kombucha, where bacteria and yeast convert sugar into organic acids, is a natural extension of that work. Jim has applied his experience in industrial treatment systems to the production process by ensuring that each step of the production cycle follows standardized procedures and is monitored to ensure the quality and safety of the finished product.

About the Fog-Drop Delivery Approach

In following our committment to producing the freshest, best-tasting kombucha on the market, we are using a home-delivery model for distribution of the final product. Growing up in the 1960s, we had a milk man who would deliver fresh milk and eggs to our house on a regular basis. We'd like to return to those days, with direct home delivery to our neighbors. If you are interested in having kombucha delivered to your home, you can create an account on this website and place an order. We'll include you in our next delivery round.

About Hella Holler

We live in Oakland, a town where the word "Hella" is used as an adverb to provide emphasis in a statement like "It's Hella Good!" "Holler" is the rural pronunciation for "hollow," an area that is lower than the land that surrounds it. Jim and Sam play old-time American fiddle music from the Midwest and Appalachia, places where folks might live in hollers, often isolated from the community at large. Places from which a rich musical heritage has developed and continues to spring forth. The name Hella Holler implies a nice mash-up of urban and rural sensibilities, reflecting the ancient and often isolated roots of kombucha springing forth in an urban setting. So we're using Hella Holler as our Kombucha brand name. And our hipster banjo guy is just fun.